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Samosa (Meat or Vegetable)
Triangular shaped pastry stuffed with spicy minced meat or vegetables.


Onion Bhaji
Thinly sliced onions, gramflour & herbs, shaped into a round cake and fried in ghee.


Aloo Chat Masala
Thinly spiced potatoes cooked with herbs, served with small indian bread.


Chicken Chat Masala
Thinly sliced chicken cooked with light spices, served with small indian bread.


Chicken Tikka
Pieces of spring chicken (Off the bone) lightly spiced and grilled on charcoal.


Tandoori Chicken
Tender chicken marinated in natural yoghurt and spices, accompanied with
fresh salad.


Lamb Tikka
Cubes of lamb marinated in natural yogurt and light spices, cooked with capsicums
and onion in the clay oven.


Sheek Kebab
Lamb minced with onions, special herbs and spices, skewered and barbecued.


Prawn Puree
Well spiced shrimps with thick gravy served with soft, deep fried puffy bread.


King Prawn Puree
Sauteed with herbs and spices served with crispy, soft deep fried puffy bread.


King Prawn Butterfly
King prawns marinated in spicy herbs, fried in butter.